Thursday, January 27, 2011

what a beautiful day!

today was so gorgeous!  I am so ready for spring and this just made it worse.  It was 60 and sunny all day, so we headed to Bend and I dropped the kids off at my brothers, headed to my sisters picked her up and we went on a little hike around the Deschutes river in Old Mill district.  They have a trail that wraps around the river and it ends up being a 5 mile walk/hike.  It's beautiful and hoppin with people.  I love it!  After our great little workout, we picked the kids up had lunch in Old Mill, and then did a little shopping for some new shades.  :)  got home and was very excited when Justin pulled up right after me!  This meant I got to go for a run!  Lucy and I headed down tot he canyon and got in a 2 mile run!  Oh how today was so perfect..  I'm ready for spring!!!!!

Along the river

Ryder rockin his new aviators!
Averee picked some purple with rhinestones.  Surprise surprise.  LOL

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