Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tis the Season... and the weather!

Thanksgiving has come and gone already.. Really!?  Where in the world did the month of November go?  We had huge plans for Thanksgiving this year.  Family coming for over the mountain and all the way up on the other side of Washington.  But mother nature had other plans for us all...  In the end no body from out of town could make it, and my sweet friend who decided to try and make it back home (to the valley) ended up turning around half way over the mountain cause is was so bad.  It took her 8 hours just to get half way there and back to Bend!  Needless to say it was a small thanksgiving but we were all grateful for everyone staying safe and staying home.  

My sister and I headed out on Black Friday and it was an early start this year.  We meet at Target around 3:45am for the doors to open at 4.  I got there a little earlier and decided I better hop in line considering it was already wrapped around the building!  We didn't even get what we wanted, but it's not all about the shopping, more of the excitement of it all and coffee and breakfast with my sister and NO KIDS ;) We ended the weekend with decorating the house for Christmas and going to see the Eagle Crest light show.  It was a great relaxing weekend.  

And here we go in to the busiest most stressful and yet one of my favorite months!!  Why do I love this month so much?  It's crazy busy I stress to the max and they load the tv with any and everything kid friendly, so your kids come ask for it over and over and over again! 
This year maybe a little on the smaller side, but thankfully I have two wonderful kids that love and cherish anything they get!  They truly make any holiday or any normal day a joy...  No matter how stressed out I get and how frustrating life is, the smile they get on their face when the littlest thing happens or watching them get excited over the Christmas lights or should I say the "kissmass" lights (Averee).  OH and how can we forget  listening to the kids sing their little hearts out to Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas.  Seriously the CUTEST thing I have ever heard!! 

Well here's to another crazy Christmas Season!  Enjoy it all!!!

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