Thursday, December 30, 2010

It has begun...

It has been a long couple weeks, preparing for Christmas, company, and all the craziness that comes with it!  Ryder has been out of school for a week and half now and it feels like forever! haha  Yesterday my brother got Hailey for the holidays, so today we adventured out to see the new Disney movie "Tangled".  Ryder does great at movie theaters, but Averee is still a little young and we pick our seats wisely to make sure she can get up and move without interrupting anyone. ;)  I have to admit I really had no desire to see this movie, it just hasn't caught my attention like a lot of Disney movies, but for the kids I went. And so happy I did!!  Ryder got a little bored but over all thought the horse was hilarious and thought it was pretty cool that the "prince" in it was called Ryder!  Averee blew me away.  She sat pretty much through the entire movie and LOVED it!  It is her first official "Disney Princess" movie!  Since we got home she has found her new Tiara she got for Christmas and has been prancing around with it on singing and dancing and in her own little world.  Warms my heart, I love that girl to pieces!  She is so stinkin cute and growing up more and more each day.

Highly recommend this movie!!  Super cute!
P.S.  Christmas blog still to come, just waiting on some pictures

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