Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's been going on....

This summer is flying by! I feel like I don't even have time to sit down and write on here weekly!!

What's been taking up our time.

First we have been so lucky to have work again for Justin. He is working about 10 hours a day and I'm so so happy! I am home with the kiddos, trying to master my cupcake recipes so that I can get closer and closer to stepping out in to the real world and get them selling in actual cafes! The kids are doing wonderful and enjoying summer to the very most. We have been spending the days playing in the water either in the back yard, lake or the water fountain down town. The kids and I just got back from spending 5 days with my mom in Corvallis. It was a crazy busy time but loved every minute of it. Karri and I had some photo shoots to do and the kids got to stay with grandma and papa. We spent one day at the beach. The weather said it was supposed to be 70 and sunny, being from the valley/coast I should have known that means fog and windy, but I let it slip my mind and I headed down there with my bathing suit and and summer dress... It was a little chilly when we got down there but it burned off and actually turned out to be a beautiful day. It was Averee and Lucy's first time to the beach and both enjoyed themselves to the max! Lucy ran, dug holes, and played in the water the whole time and Averee ran around playing in the sand and running from the waves. I love the beach so much!! I miss living closer to it! I have been trying to convince my hubby to move to Northern California but that's a NO GO... Guess I will just have to keep taking vacations there. ;) Our next trip is a 4 day trip and I can't wait!!

The next month and half are going to be a blur until school starts... We have something going on every weekend! Just a few things are camping, Willamette Festival, TRIP TO COLORADO!! (can't wait to visit with my bestest friends Krystle! My sister and I are actual going there to do a photo shoot for her entire family) and my little sister's wedding! Hopefully I can take a little time and keep up with my blog and keep you all posted on our crazy busy life! Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL summer!

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