Saturday, April 17, 2010

adventure with fondant!

Today is my niece Kaitlyn's 10 birthday! She is in her double digits, scary I know. ;) Like my own kids I got a chance to make her cake and jumped on it. Hers is a little different then a dinosaur or tinkerbell. Karri and I researched different pictures and I had an idea of what I wanted to attempt and we ran with it. I decided the best way to do the decorating was to work with fondant. I have never touched the stuff but thought it would be a fun adventure, after all making cakes has turned in to one of my most favorite passions! It was lots of fun and I for sure would do it again. The overall cake was easy and I got through it, but ended up having some trouble with the bow. I had to use my scraps to do a new one. It looks pretty cute but I still have lots to learn and can't wait to do my next one!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn hope you like your cake!

I cheated and used box cake. :)

The marble look pretty cool right before it went in to the oven

rolling out my first fondant!

What happens when little fingers explore the counter when moms not in the kitchen!

all my colored fondant

pretty bright pink cake!

got all but the bow on...

The finished product!


Kati said...

So cute Jamee!!!

Erin said...

it looks great!!! good job mama!

Anonymous said...

That looks GREAT Jamee! Nice work! :)