Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what are our options?

As many of you know my sweet little girl has been dealing with some massive ear infections this entire winter. We got a break for about 3 or 4 weeks but now they are back. One right after another! It stinks... I did break down and buy a Middle Ear checker thing and it actually has been helping a ton. Averee shows no symptoms at all when she has them and then BAM we will have a night from hell and we know she has one. I had to take her in this morning for another one and she has a slight infection in her left and a BULGING one in her right. The poor girl was throwing up all last night and the doctor thinks it was from her right ear. I usually take both my kids to Central Oregon Pediatrics BUT I am not happy with all that they just "let go". With Ryder it was his Asthma and with Averee it's been her ears. It took us taking Ryder to Urgent Care for a doctor to care enough about doing a little more testing and giving us an inhaler for him! And with Averee I was done. I took her in to the clinic I go to (they see families also) and the doctor was wonderful! We spent about 45 minutes just talking about what we can do for her and what our options are. Here is our dilemma with putting tubes in right now... Averee is a water girl, LOVES the water and if we put tubes in that is going to limit a little of that and we are going in to Spring and Summer where they will probably go away for the time being. Tubes last on an average of 7 months that puts us right back in to the same situation we are in right now! So we are on a monitoring with the Doctor for now and she was very open to my suggestion of trying a Chiropractor and see if that helps. My wonderful friend has answered all my questions I had about this, here is the info if any of you are interested.

I'm planning on trying all I can for now. If I need to put the tubes in then I will. I'm not against it all I just want to check out all my options. :)

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Jessica said...

I feel your pain. We finally had tubes put in Natalia's ears three weeks ago. 3 weeks and no ear infections, knock on wood.