Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

This past weekend was my 30th birthday weekend!! I had such a great birthday. It started on Friday with dinner and Alice In Wonderland with my sister and best friend. A delicious seafood dinner and a wonderful wonderful movie! Got home late but kids were still running crazy throughout the house and a couple adults playing the Wii. Finally got everyone tucked in to bed and crashed for the night. The sun was shinning and perfect weather all weekend, it was out just for me, right? ;) Saturday was filled with shopping, iced coffees and walking along the river with the kiddos and best friend, and it all ended with a yummy Strawberry Cheesecake (my fav!) then Sunday came and we headed out to my nieces soccer game, in flip flops and short sleeves, then we sent the kids home with my sister and had an afternoon of just me and the hubby. It was delightful. It really all went to fast. I really just didn't want it all to end!

This week is preparing for a FULL FULL weekend! Averee's birthday is on Thursday and my nieces birthday in next week so this weekend is a barbie party on Saturday and a garden party on Sunday! Wish me luck have tons to do this week to prepare!!

P.S. Just have to put this out there... SUPER EXCITED TO BE IN MY 30'S!! I just feel like they fit and I'm going to love them!

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Molly said...

Yaaaaaay for birthdays! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo about. You a sexy woman Jame!!!