Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is it really only Tuesday?

Good lord what a week it has already been! My stress level has been through the roof the past couple of days. Averee is sick with yet another double ear infection and the doctor talked to me about putting tubes in but then informed me the earliest she could get in is over a month away! My nephew who is the same age as Averee came to visit on Saturday and was supposed to spend the week with me but I ended up having to call for his parents to come back and get him cause he is super sick also.. (don't even get me started on this whole situation!!) then my poor little daycare girl just has IDIOT parents!! What the hell is wrong with people?? Sometimes I really just don't know how you can be SO stupid! I have had to deal with stupid people all freaking week and am finally on the verge of snapping!

I feel like every time I finally get caught up on laundry and cleaning 5 minutes later it's a mess again, and then I have my husband coming home from working asking if I'm ever going to clean again... REALLY. REALLY. You want to go there with me? cause I really don't think you do right now!

The last couple months we have had so much company and I feel like my house has been over ran with everyone else's kids. I love kids to death but I'm at my limit with this also. The lovely kids that are coming over have NO respect for other peoples things and they are old enough to know or should have parents to help them with this. My house gets thrashed and all my kids toys are scattered every where. This boggles me cause they didn't even play with the toys most of the time they play outside! Can some one please tell me how this happens? (this has nothing to do with my sisters kids, so if you were thinking I was complaining about them your way off, I would take them any day!!)

Than we move on to me personally...
I have set myself up for a few goals and I'm super excited about doing them! I'm running a 5K in April, 10K at the beginning of June, and a Half Marathon at the end of June. At the beginning of all this these were goals I wanted to achieve and now it seems like they have turned in to almost a little "friendly" competition between a few gals! Really not what I need to be added to the plate! I'm taking a step back... These are goals to help me get healthy, I'm a girl that has never ran before and really just wants to finish these walking or running cause it's an extremely exciting goal for me. So I now sit back and look at it all and tell myself this is my race not anyone else's and to each their own! I will finish them, but at my own pace, and if I can't run the entire time NO biggie. It will be ok. :) So good luck to me and will let you know the out come!

Here is my stressed out life in a nut shell. I know it may not seem much to some people but for a stay at home mom, it can make you go a little crazy.

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Erin said...

i know how you feel. my two cents is this: put yourself first. Of course babies come first, but just try to put the house stuff to the back of your mind if you have to and take the time for yourself. i think the goals you set for yourself are important and you will feel so good accomplishing them...