Monday, February 1, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Wow where do I even begin. It's been a while since I posted anything. Here is my sisters trip to Seattle! We had so much fun, I can't even put it in to words.

Friday came and we hoped Karri would be feeling up to going and well just able to go. She had been sick all week, running a fever, the whole works! The poor girl was determined to go no matter what, but thankfully someone up stairs was listening to all our prayers cause she woke up feeling SO much better. We waited patiently for our time to load the car up and head to the airport. Our plane left at 6:10 that evening. It was a really long wait through out the entire afternoon. haha. The flight only took 50 minutes! Just enough time for us to have a glass of wine and breath it all in, you know the fact that it was just us and no kids or hubbies! We landed, hailed a cab and headed to our hotel. We stayed in down town Seattle with the view of the Space Needle outside our window. It was fabulous! The first night it was just Karri and I,we got settled in to the hotel and then headed out for a late dinner, and then Saturday morning my little sister who lives in Oak Harbor headed down and meet us at the hotel. After she arrived we jumped in the car for a little shopping, lunch and the main reason we went, the "Seattle Wedding Show" this ended up being a long long day, Karri was still sick and trying her hardest to keep up with us, me and her started drinking on the plane the night before and I think we ended up realizing at lunch on our last day we drank with just about every meal! Yikes... I guess that's what happens when you get away with out any kids all weekend and you don't have to drive anywhere!? Saturday night was a celebration of Brittney's wedding and Karri's birthday! We had reservations at the Space Needle and what a fun experience to do with my two sisters. It was beautiful up there, and the food was goooood! Sunday was our last day to gallivant around our plane left around 6 again. We slept in and then headed down to Pikes Place and water front to grab some food. After lunch we headed to Starbucks and the Aquarium, later we meet up with my brother, sister in-law and my sweet nephew (I don't nearly get enough time to spend with him) found some fun things for the kids along Pike street and then headed off to the airport for our trip home.

Over all such a fun weekend. It was just what I needed! The kids did great, loved their presents. We are already planning another trip come April! :)

at the aquarium

me hangin out?

Brit and I

heading up for dinner

The view!

our poor sick sister trying to enjoy her birthday dinner

lunch with our yummy drinks

Brit and Karri

What kept the poor girl going all weekend! What she would have done with out her cough medicine, I don't know?! lol...

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Jessica said...

I live in Seattle and you didn't call me?! Jusk kidding, looks like a fun sister getaway.