Monday, February 1, 2010

The days go by.

How is it that the kids are growing so stinkin fast!!

Ryder just turned 4 yet is going on 13! And my little baby girl is almost 2 going on 20! Yes that is right, where should I even begin with Miss Thing, thinkin she rules the world! Not in a spoiled bad way, she is just so silly and is catching on to the littlest things.. Then it's that moment that she pulls it out of no where and Justin and I will look at each other cracking up and go where the heck did she get that from! Now that I have already started talking about Averee I guess I will just continue and then get to Ryder after. :) I was just talking to my sister today about the second child. It blows my mind daily how much she picks up or copies Ry. I feel like she is so much more advanced then Ryder was at this age but have come to the conclusion it's due to her having a big brother to learn it all from! This child speaks clearer then the little 3 year old I watch! She is saying almost full sentences and the crazy part is you can totally understand everything she says. She is all girl. Karri cracks up when she comes over cause the first thing she does is show her, her hair cause my little girly girl HAS to have her hair done daily. She loves it! Averee is a huge baby girl and loves playing mommy, and she loves barbies (not a fan of this one, I personally hate them!) if we pass anything thing purple, pink, and light color she says "mine" and any dark colors "Ry Ry's" she has got down the difference between girl and boy things. This I do blame on my sweet Ryder... he is adamant about all girl things staying out of his room and if the tip comes in to the smidgen of his door way he freaks! All girl stuff is NOT OK IN A BOYS ROOM! according to Ryder. lol.. This is a perfect time to move on to Ryder. he is doing wonderful in school. Loves it so much and is excelling in everything. He has discovered a love of drawing lately, and he is overly excited to be starting Kong Fu in a few weeks. Anyone who knows Ryder has figured out this child has way more energy then 2 or 3 "normal" kids put together, mama is in need of finding a way to help him learn how to control it a little better and keep him busy so he doesn't drive himself and me crazy! Later this spring he starts soccer, and then summer t-ball. Yay for sports!!! haha.
I guess that gives you a little on where the kids are and how they are doing, will try really hard to update a little more often. :)

Oh and my daughter has her own sense of fashion. Her newest thing is to dress herself and most days this includes some sort of hat and scarf! So I guess I should say she enjoys "accessorizing"!

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