Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa time

This weekend started off with Mommy ready to run and hide all weekend! It was just one of those days come Saturday morning... Both kids woke up ready to take mommy down and not let up for days to come. Unfortunately the day never got better. I felt like I could start crying on the drop of a dime, that is how much they were driving me crazy. Averee has decided the last 3 days she isn't going to take a nap, no matter how long I let her cry/kick her wall. This leaves her to be a pretty happy camper until dinner time rolls around and she's ready to go to bed. Well mommy does NOT let that happen, so it turns in to a fight until one of us gives (usually she gives before I do, cause brother is playing with some thing fun that she wants) If I can keep her awake until 7 I'm thrilled. That was how both days went this weekend. Ryder has been cranky king pants too! What is going on with my kids! Shockingly they aren't sick or getting sick (I don't think) I think it's just one of those weekends? You ever have one of these?
Finally today, we got up this morning made a yummy breakfast and then headed out and about. We went to Home Depot for some paint swatches and Santa was there with free photos. Ryder braved going up and sitting on his lap and proceeded to tell him the same thing he told Santa 2 weeks ago. All he wants is THE DEVISTATOR. If you don't know what this is, it's a huge transformer that turns in to 6 different little transformers. Well I hope he isn't to devastated come Christmas morning with he isn't under the Christmas tree! The sucker cost's $90.00!!!

On the up side of the weekend, we finally got our tree and got it up and decorated. The kids had some much fun with that part of the weekend! Justin finally got the rest of the lights up outside so our house looks beautiful! And we got some snow to play in.

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