Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new vision!

I'm way excited, I can barely keep all the excitement in!! If any of you have been to my house you know I try, but just about everything in my house was handed down to us. Yes it's sad but it's just one of those things that we put on the back burner and just be happy with what we have. Well this year my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her some couch covers. I have a green (a dark teal) leather couch and love seat. Now don't get me wrong I actually LOVE my green couches! I'm a little weird in my decorating so they totally fit me. They are starting to look really old so I thought it was time for a little pick me up for them.

I'm repainting my living room and dining room a light tan, and we are getting Chocolate brown suede couch covers, and I'm redoing my tables, tv stand, and shelving in a green stain color with a washed out look (does that make since?) I'm so excited about this change!! My house so needs this! I will be accenting with a burnt orange, and light pea green? Or that is what I'm kinda thinking with a cream color no white.

I will post pictures when the transition is complete! I really wanted to start the refinishing of the wood stuff this week but with our negative degree weather it's really not the time to paint. Looks like I may start with the painting of the walls!

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Molly said...

Ummm, sounds so nice! How fun too!! I love redecorating and changing things up. Good luck- can't wait to see!!!