Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 09

Awww.. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse! HA!!!! And then there was my Ryder! He was so excited he couldn't stand it! Christmas eve came with a not so patient little boy asking every day just about every hour "is Santa coming tonight?" He would wake up every morning and come in and get about 2 inches from my face and ask "did he come?" Yes this is what we went through every morning for the ENTIRE week! I won't complain cause I truly loved it. It just makes me think of how special and exciting Christmas is when your a child.

Christmas Eve was a long one for Ry, so we decided to try and keep him busy and tire him out for the night so he would go right to sleep and not get up a million times waiting for Santa, cause earlier that day he had already informed me that he was sleeping on the couch that night so he could see Santa. :) Anyways after nap time we headed out to Home Depot and then off to the park, it was cold here but still sunny, the kids had a blast and Averee really got in to it all and criiiieeed when we had to leave. After the park we came home made cookies for Santa. Dinner came and went and the kids were a little restless so we loaded them up and the dog and headed out to the Eagle Crest lights and then drove around looking at all the fun lights people have decorated this season with. By the time we got home both kids were out! With them in bed and sound asleep it was time for mommy and daddy's night to only begin....

I hadn't even wrapped anything, so we had a ton of work ahead of us. Nothing a little rum and cokes and good tv (ghost hunters) can't help with. ;) I wrapped and Justin had the job of putting together Averee's new kitchen. IT TOOK HIM 2 HOURS TO PUT IT TOGETHER!! lol.. I was the mean wife and just kept making fun of him for it taking so long. But it all ended well and we got everything done and off to bed we went.

Averee was the first one up the next morning. I got up with her and the minute we got out in the living room she spotted her kitchen, behind all the other presents and bolted to it! She did not care that there was anything else around her. It was one of those priceless moments.

Here all week Ryder was up early and then Christmas morning actually comes and after me and Averee being up for almost an hour we decided it was time for big brother to get up. All I had to do was wake him up enough to tell him Santa came and he was up and at em running to the living room. As you can tell he was a little in aww when he got out there.

After sitting here for a few seconds it didn't take long for him to get right in to it. And same with his sister actually. Ryder had his priceless moment too. It didn't take him long to open up his new Devastator, not the 90 dollar model but the step down. It's still big just not as complicated as the other so actually this one worked way better for him. Although he did just tell me he wants the "bigger" one for his birthday. Man can't I get a brake? He's only 4!!! ;)

Over all we all had a wonderful Christmas even considering Averee wasn't feeling very well she still pulled through and enjoyed the day as much as every one else! It was very relaxing and just a day filled with new toys, candy land and putting dinosaur puzzles together. I will defiantly chalk this one up to yet another wonderful wonderful successful holiday!

this is by far daddy's most favorite picture. haha.. He is so proud that she is becoming just as much a little hunter as her brother! (Not by my choice)

One more little story I have to share.
As we were in the car heading out to the lights there was a flashing light in the sky, it was just a plane but when Ryder saw it, in a total shocked overly excited voice from the back seat he said " look what's that in the sky?! both Justin and I said oh it's probably just a plain, and then it was quiet for a minute and he goes NO MOM I THINK IT'S SANTA AND HIS REINDEER!!!" He was overly ecstatic and it was so freakin cute!! Justin and I looked and each other and chuckled under our breath. I love that little man so much, he brings some thing new every day!

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