Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it over yet?

This has been a not so great week for me. Last week I had a cyst rupture and recovering from that has not been fun, lots of pain and sick to my stomach! I finally woke up today not feeling nauseous, Yay!!! Well it was short lived, although I don't feel that kind of sickness, I woke up with a horrible soar throat and am coming down with a bad cold. What in the world, I'm usually the healthiest out of everyone in my family. This sucks, I feel like crap, have a ton of stuff to get done and I have my daycare little girl for the entire week! (I usually only have her 3 times a week) We are supposed to leave on Friday for 3 days and do a photo shoot, and visit with some much needed family time. OH and did I mention that besides the fact that I am sick my children didn't sleep at all last night! I thought for sure they would be wiped out and out for the night but surprise, they decided to wake up about every hour for NO reason at all. Ryder has school tomorrow and a field trip on Friday to the pumpkin patch with his class. So I am crossing every finger and praying that this passes over the kids and we can make it to all our plans for the rest of the week and make it through the weekend away from home. This is starting to look a lot like last year around this time, Ryder was sick for Halloween last year and it was a start to a not very fun winter.

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Erin said...

uh oh! I hope you kick the cold's butt before its gets too much of a hold. Drink a ton of OJ and pour it down the kids' throats! Maybe you should eat some spicy food for dinner too, that often seems to knock them out for us...
good luck and wish we could be at the photo shoot this weekend!