Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Desicions to make....

As some of you have read we are having to make a pretty big decision on whether to stay here in Central Oregon or bite the bullet and head back over the mountain to good ol C-town. Work over here is pretty sparse and don't know if it's going to pick up anytime soon. Last Thursday the hubby got a call and a job offer back at his old work place in Corvallis. At first it was an absolute NO we are not going back, but after reality set in we decided we really need to sit down and talk about this. Neither one of us want to move back at all. This has turned in to our home and where we want to raise our kids. But if you look at the big picture the right thing to do would be to move where the work is (oh and a pay increase) BUT is it still worth leaving everything that we love??? We are making it right now it's not like we are losing anything or not making our bills. Gosh this is turning in to a lot harder decision then I thought it would be. My kids love living some where, where we have so much opportunity, and they get to go hiking, fishing, and play in the SNOW during the winter! I may complain when the snow comes but then I think about leaving it and I don't want to! Ryder keeps asking if he can learn how to snow board this winter. I love that. I want him to experience it all! So I'm leaning towards staying but this is still something that Justin and I have to sit down and talk about. I'm crossing my fingers we stay. The market to buy here is crazy right now and I would love to take advantage of it and I feel like if we move back to the valley we won't be able to afford it for a while. I hate this I just want to stay!!!

Had to get this out and feel like I need to scream!!!


Erin said...

We had to make a very similar decision when we moved back to Portland from San Francisco. Graham had a great job offer there and a great job already. We wrote a pros and cons list for each place and for us the decision was to move back. I'm pretty sure he regrets it now (because his memory is selective...he forgets the negative and glorifies the positive...)
Good luck!!

Jamee said...

Yup. I think that is what would happen if we moved back. Both of us would totally regret it the minute we started unpacking!! I'm just not a valley girl anymore. ;) Why did you guys move back up here? I love San Francisco I couldn't imagine moving away from there!