Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is how our storm started today. Hail...Massive Thunder... (my entire house was shaking) Turned out looking like it just snowed everywhere!
(some random building)
and this is when it ended looking like

Living over here in Bend I have learned one thing, well two things.
1) When it rains the towns are not built to handle it so it FLOODS everywhere
2) Central Oregonians may drive great in the snow but give them a little rain and it's a whole different story. Coming from the Valley and learning how to drive pretty much all the time in the rain, it's so frustrating cause they DO NOT know how to drive in the RAIN! And this is what happens to those IDIOTS!
Are you kidding me what the hell was this person thinking!
(OH and as we were sitting there gawking over this the people next to us said that it looks good now they saw it when it first happened and you could only see about 3 inches of the top of the car!)

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Tambi Lane said...

Super funny! I was on 3rd trying get home when that idiot got stuck. Luckily I was smart enough to know rain+franklin underpass= NO GOOD! I went the LONG way home, the only way I know to cross 3rd without getting stuck. It took almost an hour but I'm glad I'm not that idiot stuck in the underpass :)