Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of the many reasons we love Bend

I have to say living in Bend has opened up a hole lot of "adventures" for us to explore almost every weekend. I love this place! I know that sounds funny, but I think there is something going on just about every weekend that you can go do as a family. Not that we always make it out the 4 of us, most of the time we get to explore with my sister and her kids cause as my husband would put it "we go to a lot of Hippie fairs and different kinds of things." Well I don't care what he says cause I LOVE IT ALL! (Me personally I love the hippie fairs you find great treasures.) Anyways.... Today we decided to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and go watch Balloons Over Bend. Neither one of us had ever been to it before and thought what a fun experience for the kids. I loaded up my sleeping children around 5:45am and headed off to meet my sister at Starbucks for a little pick me up before heading down to Old Mill. Only one of Karri's kids actually ended up waking up and coming with her so Logan, Ryder, and Averee had a blast getting pretty spoiled being the only 3.

The Balloons were supposed to launch around 6:30, but the wind decided
to pick up and unfortunately none of them were able to take off this morning. We did get to see one get all ready and watch it blown up, Logan and Ryder stood there in AWWW over this huge balloon in front of them! Averee was just being Averee and hanging out talking to any dog that walked by. haha. After this we headed out to meet up with my sister's husband to pick up two more kiddos and decide what we were going to do with our day. We started it with a little garage sailing and after finding some great treasures, we headed back down to Old Mill for some lunch and a fun festival that took over the streets in The Old Mill District.

Thanks to the Energizer Bunny balloon Logan and Ryder both got to be "bunnies" for the morning.

At the festival they had an entire line that felt like it went on forever with all these huge blow up jumping things. The kids loved them. Ryder was a little scared at first but ended up having a blast.

We ended the day by playing in the River. Such a great way to let the kids play/relax in their own way, while my sister and I sat with our iced coffee watching them and recovering from our long long day

Averee didn't quite make it through the entire day. She tried her hardest but in the end sleep won.

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