Tuesday, June 30, 2009

gosh has it really been that long?

I feel like I haven't wrote anything for ages! I'm back now and I will try and keep up with this again. I don't know what my problem is lately. So here is a little up date on whats been going on in our little life.

About a month ago I started back to work at the Salon. Unfortunately I would love to say it was just cause I wanted some me time, but I can't. Justin's work has been SOOOO slow, on a good week he has only been working 2-3 days. UHHGGG... So I went back to work hoping and crossing all my fingers and toes that I would have work to go back too. Well someone was listening to my many prayers cause I have been busy! It's been wonderful! I am remembering how much I love my job. (how many people can say that) Any ways that is going great other then Averee not accepting this "new" only daddy time on the weekends. She is a totally mama's girl and is not liking me leaving at all.. It's been a little hard, but in the end I think it will be good for her to get used to me not always being around.
On top of this my sister and I have decided to start our own little business. We are so excited. It's kinda funny, cause I really have buried all my "cowgirl" deep deep down far away from my everyday life, but our little business is all about it. haha. Well not all about it but a majority. The more we talk and write down our ideas it's turning in to Tack and Accessories. Super fun!! I will post more about it when we get it all put together.

Averee has got Ringworm for the first time. Who knows where in the world she got this from but it's not bad just a new experience for me.

Ryder is Ryder. :) He is a playing machine. Him and his sister are outside starting about 15 minutes after they get up and don't come in until we make them. He is showing a lot of interest in learning how to swim, so I think that is going to be our next adventure. Averee has no fear of the water so we have to keep an extra close watch on her. I put one of their little slides going down in to the pool and she climbs it all by herself and flys down splashing in the water cracking up. It scares me... But luckily she has an wonderful big brother that watches her as close as I do.

Lets see what else has been going on. Oh I hit my first deer ever this past week. It was late and dark coming home from my sister's house. Wait let me explain a little more. My sister lives about 25 minutes from me and it's all back farm roads how we get there. I made it all the way through those dark country roads and get about a mile from my house (on a pretty busy road in town) and seriously I saw eyes and then boom! thunk thunk... I was so close to home I just kept going and looked at the car when I get home. Both kids slept through it all and actually for hitting a deer I don't feel like the damage was that bad. It busted my front Grille and that is it. Well it kinda pushed my hood and bumper to the left but my wonderful husband fixed all that. Now we are waiting for the new grille to get here and then YAY it will be all fixed. I don't' know what I would do without my husband always fixing things on my car for me!

I think that is about all that is going on with the Kingsbury family these sunny summer days.
I know there is more but it's getting late and it's been a busy day. So for now this is all you get. I will update more later. :)

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