Friday, May 29, 2009


About a week ago my kids got to adventure out to my sisters farm and we all went to get chickens! We live in the city and my sister has a big farm like I have mentioned before, so I think my kids have the best of both worlds. We get the joys of living in a neighbor hood and they get to experience fun farm stuff like chickens! They are laying chickens and we are hoping to get tons of eggs from them. She got two different kinds (don't ask me what kinds) but the brown ones lay GREEN eggs and the yellow BROWN. Green eggs! I thought that was just a book! haha. When we picked them up my daughter kept mooing at them and just jumping out of my arms and Ryder was ecstatic! He claimed the two yellow ones first for him and Averee. We all looked at him and ask so what do you want to name them? He looked up smiled and said

So I'm happy to introduce Toot & Puddle


Erin said...

how fun!
We want to get some chickens once we buy our own place.

congrats on the new additions to your family!

Molly said...

Totally adorable.