Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not so much anymore.

I have to start off by saying, back in the day when I would think about being married and having babies. I always wanted a huge family. I wanted at least 3 or 4 kids. After I had Ryder I was quickly reducing this number. lol. Justin and I agreed that if the second by chance happened to be a boy we may consider having a third to try for a little girl. Now when I was in my "having babies" time I swore I was never going to have a little girl. I just knew deep down I was going to have all boys. And to be honest I didn't want a little girl, it scared the crap out of me!! I will never forget the day we went in to find out what our second bundle of joy was.. Justin said he will never forget the look on my face when she looked up at me and said "It's a girl" I about died, and I cried all afternoon, I truly had no idea what I was going to do with a girl! Well now I couldn't imagine my life with out her! She brings me so much joy, and I love watching her become such a girly girl. I truly feel complete as a little family.

Now moving on to my two beautiful children.
Watching them grow everyday has turned in to an adventure. You never know what our day is going to hold and what mile stone one or both are going to experience each day. And let me talk a little about their personalities. So far Averee had been a lot like Ryder was, in looks and personality. But in the past month I'm seeing her true colors. haha. She is completely opposite then her brother!! Well in some ways. At home she is a lot like him, very out going, loud and never stops talking. But lately when we go out and someone tries to talk to her she shuns them. My brat of a daughter turns her head and makes a nice almost grunting sound. She will not speak, look or even crack a half smile! Then when we walk away she will be so sweet the minute they turn around and start walkin in the other direction, she will wave and say bye, bye. Then we move on to her temper. She gets mad very easily and throws massive fits if it doesn't go her way. If she wants some thing that brother has she screams as loud as she can. This is opposite of Ryder he is so sweet and out going and will talk to any stranger that looks his way. Always helping, and if a mean kid takes some thing out of his hands, he's like what ever and finds some thing else to play with.

I know this is just a phase for my daughter but WOW. haha. I feel like her and I are butting heads a lot. She has now started getting time outs in her crib cause I have to try and get this temper under control! I will not have a little brat running around DEMANDING what ever she wants! I love the girly girl and even the little miss Pris but that is as far as it goes. She can look that way but not act that way. If anyone has some great advise for me I would love to hear some!

This all comes from my last two days of wanting to pull my hair out! haha. I'm really hoping the rest of the week gets better. I have hope it will!


Erin said...

i'm in the same boat! Oliver has been getting time outs the past 2 weeks in his crib since the concept of a corner or spot doesn't work yet!

I think you are so lucky to have your little girl! I only hope that some day I can convince my hubby to give in to 1 more...something tells me THAT isn't going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Some of it is a total girl thing! :) Ashton and Paige are complete opposites too. Paige has the attitude and thinks she is the princess and should get absolutely everything she wants and expects everybody (Ashton included) to be at her beck and call. Some of it is age too. Paige and I tend to butt heads too. My parents say she is a mini me at her age: both looks and personality! Maybe Averee takes more after you at that age and thats why you butt heads? She'll grow out of this stage! Aren't boys way easier than girls? lol