Saturday, April 4, 2009


As most of you know it's been a really, really long week.
And yesterday was even longer!

I gave Averee a Danables yogurt drink thing (Ryder loves them for a snack), anyways she downed it, didn't think much about it but I know I did keep telling her to slow down and would take it away for a sec and then she would drink as much as she could until I would stop her again. Now she hasn't been feeling that great, but it's not the flu, so we can deal, right?? Well she manage to have a little cough while eating a cracker and it apparently triggered her reflexes and she threw up all over herself I picked her up to comfort her, and again all over me this time! And then again.. all over the carpet!! Now the smell was starting to get to me, so I ran in to the bathroom stripped her and I down and put her in the bath real fast. I don't know what was making me want to vomit myself more? The smell that had swarmed around me or the fact that by the time I made it out of the bathroom (not even 2 minutes later) my dog JJ had licked up ALL the throw up!!! YUCK!! I'm still grossed out by the thought of it!!! After her bath she was fine and dandy and on with the day, it was just a little trigger of the reflexs.

So that was afternoon.

Now we move on to dinner. Ryder had been pretty fussy through out the day, he is getting this lovely cold, and hadn't had much sleep from the night before. He has had a tickle in his throat the past couple days. We are all sitting at the dinner table and Ryder decided he was done after eating maybe 2 bites off his plate? Justin informed him to get back up to the table and take 5 more bites. Ryder burst in to tears, came and sat back at the table, but couldn't stop crying, soon along with the crying came coughing and gagging. Then all of a sudden he looked at me, coughing, crying and gagging and threw up all over me!!! We ran threw the kitchen to try and make it to the bathroom cause as you can imagine he is freaking out and crying even harder now. He throws up all over me again...
Are you freakin serious!!! I get thrown up on a total of 3 times in one day and my kids don't even have the flu!!

After all the drama was over, I snuggled Ryder on the couch and he fell asleep not even 15 minutes after this all happened. Averee was asleep and in bed by 7:30 and at that time it was time for MAMA to have a drink!! lol.

If only the night would have stayed calm, it would have been wonderful.
To bad Averee had a really bad night (temp dropped again) Justin and I were up with her over half the night.

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Erin said...

Oooo. I feel for you. I haven't had one of these night yet myself but I know the day will come.

I hope the day is calm for you and you can get some rest.