Friday, April 3, 2009

a scary little time.

Oh where do I begin?? My little Miss Averee is turning out to be the child that scares the crap out of me every couple of months. The last time it was her lovely run in with the coffee table. And this time...

She has been sick for a little over a week now, it was nothing to concerning just a cold, that started out with a croupy cough. Then two days ago she woke up ice cold and her lips, hands, feet were blue not just like a little change like she had been out in snow in shorts and a tank top all night. I called the doctor right away they told me try and warm her up and see what happens. I gave her a hot bath, warm milk, layered her clothing and including a beanie. When I called the doctor it her temp. was at 96.5, after her bath and all that stuff I got it up to 98.4, not even 45 minutes later it was back down to 96.4 and she was blue again. So the nurse had to walk me through taking a rectal temp. (oh joy, for me and her) it came back 98.1 this was good. They told me to keep checking her through out the evening and if it gets below 96.5 take her to the ER. This scared the crap out of me!! Justin had plans this evening, so around 6 I took her temp before he left and it was at 96.4, I decided to call the on-call doctor one more time before I freak out and rushed her to the hospital. I got a completely different nurse/doctor, this set tells me that I'm totally over reacting and when the doctor saw the note to call and about the ER he rolled his eyes. In the same breath she tells me that if I lived in Bend they would have me come down to the clinic right then to get her checked out??? But since we live in Redmond, just keep her as warm as possible tonight and take her in first thing in the morning. I got off the phone and burst in to tears!!!

This is my baby girl we are talking about and you guys are giving me completely different advise and making me feel like a complete idiot!! I was so frustrated and pissed over it all!!

Anyways I kept her all snuggled up all night and first thing in the morning I called and the earliest they could get her in was 11:30. This was just to get her checked out from head to toe and listen to her heart. Now... My night was hell and my morning didn't turn out that great either. I was up at 6:30 cause Madison ( the little girl I watch ) was supposed to be here at 7. Well 7:30 comes, still no Madison, 8 comes, still no Madison, finally at around 8:15 I text him to see if I actually have her and he gets back to me around 8:30 and says oh sorry I over slept. So she finally comes around 9:30. So not a big deal it was just one more thing that morning. you know?

I pack the kids all up and we head off to the doctors, now the last time I took Averee in she screamed and cried the entire appointment and now I'm adding one more kid to the mix. Not to sure how this is going to work out. They checked Averee out and she ended up having a massive sinus infection and that was it. The doctor said she thinks, even though it doesn't happen to, to many kids sometimes they can go in the opposite direction (temp.) when they have an infection. So we get our meds and head off to Walmart to drop it off. We got home and not even an hour after her appointment, she is all blue and freezing again. I was so wrapped up in the appointment I didn't even ask if I should be concerned if this happens again!!! ( I really don't know where my head was ) So I called my doctor back and she told me to warm her back up, her heart sounded fine when she was checked out, and just to watch it for the next few days. If by chance it doesn't go away after she is better and the infection is gone she is going to have to come in for some "intense testing" on her heart.

I have been an emotional mess the last few days, and I'm hoping, crossing my fingers that it's just the infection! So far I'm thinking it is the infection. Yesterday we kept her temp. stable all day almost for 24 hours. Today, well this morning it did drop down to 69.9 but I put some extra clothes on her and it went and stayed up to 98.8, this is the highest it's been all week!! It's promising.

I'll keep you all posted if anything changes.

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Erin said...

i've been thinking about you...hope you and your little girl get better and some much needed rest!