Thursday, February 5, 2009

The last few weeks.

I feel like I haven't wrote about whats been going on in our little lives for a while (well other then my melt down the other day) haha. We have been pretty busy the last few weeks. We headed over to Corvallis at the beginning of January for Ryder's 3rd birthday. Yes my baby just turned 3! He had a wonderful "Transformer" party at papa's pizza. He was spoiled to the max. I'm waiting on pictures, so when my sister finally gets them to me I will post a few.
I feel like we have been on the go non stop but I can't remember what in the world we have been up to! lol..

I have been having some medical problems the last few months and January was the month to get all the testing done. Turns out they have diagnosed me with Endometriosis. There is not much they can do for it. They put me on a new pill and it's all about stabilizing my hormones and of coarse losing weight. The pain has got better so I'm not going to complain.

Averee is growing like a weed and is walking around all the furniture and is just so happy to finally play with the big kids. haha. She is talking up a storm. She says everything but MOMMY! She even gets excited when her cousin Kaitlyn walks in the room and says KK (that's her nickname) and Ryder is Ya Ya. She can't really get the R's out yet. :)

For the Super Bowl we headed over to my sister's and had a blast, they are HUGE Steelers fans, so I made up some "sweet" Cardinals shirts for the family and we headed over there to show our Red and White spirit, didn't help any the Steelers took the win. But I have to say it was an amazing game to watch.

This week Ryder finally got on the 4-wheeler and cruised around. He has been deathly afraid of the sound of it, but Karri talked him in to it by telling him he can go hunting on it. My son lives and breaths for hunting! All day everyday he goes around sneaking up and "hunting" the bears and deers (aka JJ, Daisy, and Neiko. Our dogs and cats) around our house. He is so stinkin cute.
My brother and Niece came over for a week and the kids had so much fun. I love watching them play together.

OK I think I have wrote a book catching you all up on the past few weeks. More to come as soon as I get some pictures from my sister.

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