Monday, December 15, 2008

The twinkle in his eye.

As we all grow up I think we forget the excitement and twinkle Santa brings to our lives. Last year Ryder didn't really get it, at all. I tried but still, he was only just turning 2 so you can't blame him, it's a lot to take in for a little guy. But this year! Completely different. He is so excited and asks everyday if Santa is coming tonight. We get all tucked in to bed and then the ? comes. The glow and curiosity that glazes over his little eyes and then he looks at me with so much excitement and asks " Santa coming tonight", then I tell him no not tonight but soon and we go over everything everybody wants for Christmas. He has now caught on to the whole "well maybe Santa will bring it for me" when he sees a toy he wants. They catch on so fast. It just takes me back to being little and there is nothing that compares to the joy and excitement of Santa! When we were little my step-dad used to jingle bells in the middle of the night and my sister and I swore it was Santa's reindeer landing on our roof! I can only hope that my kids get to grow up with half of the memories I did when it comes to Santa Clause. Hope you all have a magical Christmas!

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