Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday weekend.

Where do I begin? What a wonderful weekend it has turned out to be. It started as a very disappointing one, but it really has been a great holiday, wintry weekend. My mom and family were supposed to come over this weekend and have our family Christmas. I was so so excited you wouldn't even believe it. haha.. I just wanted to spend some time with my mama. But do to the weather over the pass they couldn't come. Sad... I was pretty bummed. Not to mention having to tell Ry that his grandma isn't coming anymore. By Friday night it had started to snow, it was so pretty, and dreamy. Ryder and I sat and watched it fall out the window, we had the fire on and all the Christmas lights on in the dark. Love this time of year! By 8 o'clock Saturday morning Ryder was dressed and ready to play in the snow! I bundled him all up and him and JJ (the dog) were out running and having a blast. Later that day the fam went and did some Christmas shopping together after a couple stores Justin and I had our fill of all the people crowding down the isles so we came home and lounged around. I actually got some presents wrapped while the kids were sleeping! Justin hadn't seen everything I have got so far and was giving me "the eye" by the end. :) Whoops?? Today we started our day off by a nice walk in the snow. It was so nice, a little chilly but the kids love the snow and love being out in it no matter the temp. Justin left around 5 this morning to go hunting for the day. (No thank you!!! Way to cold out there for me.) We came home after our walk and I sipped on some hot coffee while the kids played. It's just been one of those wonderful peaceful weekends. I sit here now with one asleep, one watching a movie in his room and me out here with the fire going and Christmas music on (yup I'm one of those that loves the Christmas music!)

I hope you are all enjoying the snow! We sure are. It's like a blizzard outside!!

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