Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is the day over yet???

Can this day please, please just be over all ready! Last night was the night from hell! But in my kids defence it was my fault. The kids spent the day at their aunts house. If you don't know about her house it is a place that my children plus every other kid loves to go. She lives out on a farm, with horses, goats, dogs, cats,and chickens. Not to mention 4 kids to play with. Anyways they were out there playing all day yesterday why I went in to work for a couple appointments and to get my hair done. By the time I picked them up it was around 6:30 when we headed home. Now Ryder doesn't usually go to bed until around 9 and he does not take naps or he would be up all night. He fell asleep on the way home and was exhausted so I put him in bed not thinking to much about it, and thought he would be out for the night. I put Averee down around 8 and then I myself went to bed around 10. The clock struck midnight and I hear this little voice come in and say mommy, mommy I want some milk, I get up get the milk and I'm going to put him in to bed and he is wide awake and wants to watch transformers. Well thank god Santa brought some new transformer movies. I put one on and he was happy. Ryder did not go back to sleep until almost 4 o'clock!! I think I finally fell asleep about 4:15 and then 45 minutes later, I awoke to Averee wide awake and ready for the day..... So I was up at 5. This is how my day started and then we had to get out and about to run errands and go to Averee's 9 month check up. The morning was as chaotic as last night. We finally got out of the house and on our way things were great. And then.... We go to the doctor. Just a check up, no shots. Yeah!!! Right??? Wrong. Me being the mean mommy decided since I was there I better just get both kids their flu shots (yes I still hadn't got them one). Needless to say neither child was happy with me by the time we left. Now we are home Averee went down for a nap Ryder is running around with a Oreo cookie face (thanks to the dollar uncle Craig gave him) and I have a ton of cleaning and laundry to catch up on. UHGGGG. I really am ready for this day to be over, and a huge glass of wine!

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Kati said...

Gee, I Love those days!!! Hopefully today will be better!