Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share some of our Christmas photos. We had such a nice relaxing Christmas. We stayed home with just our little family and had a fun day opening presents and playing all day. Our day started around 8:30am (so nice that Ryder still isn't old enough to catch on and wake up super early for this event), anyways my step dad got my mom a web cam this year for Christmas and surprised my sister and I with one also, so we set it all up and had a 3 way call going on and my mom got to see Ryder and Averee open all their presents Christmas morning! It was wonderful. With her not being able to make it over due to the weather, this totally made up for it! After opening presents we just hung around the house and played with all of our new toys. Very laid back and peaceful. Ryder opened one present and that was all he wanted. lol.. But then he caught on and ripped in to them all including Averee's. She was just in aww over it all trying to figure out what was going on. They both had so much fun and so did we, Justin and I ended the night with drinks and games after the kids went to bed. Check this Christmas off as a success. :) Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
The one and only present he so so badly wanted!
Bubble bee Transformer.

pleased with the little things. :)

Chick! He lost his and "Santa" finally found another one.

wrong end sweetie.

Her new clothes. Getting so big.

Got a ton of playdoh. Not one of my favorite things.....

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