Friday, September 19, 2008

Making Progress? Maybe....

As most of you know I have had a really challenging time trying to potty train Ryder. He is going to be 3 in a few months and up until yesterday has wanted nothing to do with it. We have tried everything from, a potty chart with a reward at the end, letting him wet in his pants thinking he wouldn't like the feel ( didn't even phase him ) and on and on. So yesterday I decided that my goal was going to have him potty trained by his birthday. ( I know don't rush it or anything jame ) haha... My wish came a little early! All of a sudden it was like yesterday was a magical day. He wasn't scared of the toilet any longer (yes he was deathly afraid of the toilet) lol.... He wanted to sit on it and "try" to go potty. He kept holding on to the side saying "look mommy I'm a frog". haha... He hasn't actually gone in the potty, but this is PROGRESS!!!

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Kati said...

Yeah Ryder...See...when they're ready, they're ready!!!