Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh where Oh where has summer gone...

We have about 2 weeks of summer left..  WHAT???
How in the world did that happen?
  Well lately we are trying to get life and schedules figured out.  I think I'm getting there but we'll see how it works out. HA! The kids start a new daycare tomorrow.  They will only be there one day a week for the rest of August, then come September  Averee will be there 2 half days and Ryder one half day and then he will go to an after school program one day a week.  My work schedule has gone from super busy to cramming everyone in to 2 half days and about every other weekend.  I'm a little nervous how this is going to go?  I do have some new adventures in a new career direction, or at least something I'm going to explore.  :)  It's in the opposite direction as my nails, but after talking with the husband thinking it may be a great opportunity for me?  again we will see where the road takes us.  This summer hasn't turned out nearly how I had planned.  Every weekend we have been busy with nothing fun, and I'm working so much we don't really have the time to go and do to many fun things.  But we are super lucky and having a blast being able to go to the pool everyday we can!  The kids love it!!  
In a couple weeks we head in to hunting season, and with that I had to jump on the chance to get a few family photos taken.  So this past weekend we headed out to Smith Rock to have a quick shoot.  with both kids not feeling to hot and the hubster missing his Redskins playing, it was a super quick shoot!  but it worked and they turned out awesome!

I think even with the little summer we have had, I'm ready to head in to Fall full force!!
Happy end of Summer everyone!

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