Sunday, July 3, 2011

a summer night.. FINALLY!

Finally I feel like summer is upon us!  I have been waiting day by day for it to arrive.  It really is one of my favorite times a year here in Central Oregon!  
It's beautiful!!!

and here is why
Worked a good 10 hour day yesterday with no brakes, finally got off hopped in my sister's rig and headed down to Old Mill.  Had a fabulous dinner at Anthony's Fish House and sat outside on the patio, drinking margarita's, eating yummy fish and just taking in the sun, river, interesting people walking by, and the sounds of Weed (apparently a band from the 90's).  It didnt' matter I knew nothing about the concert going on.  Just the fact I got to sit there enjoy every minute of it and RELAX...  Seriously does it get any better then that?  
OH yes it does!  we ended the evening with a great movie.
Larry Crowne

If you have never been to Central Oregon, it  is a must see place.  Surrounded by Mountains, rivers, and amazing weather in the summer.  Being a holiday weekend it seemed a Little extra busy around our neck of the woods, but I'm sure that having Bachelor open for the first time ever on the 4th of July brought a ton of people our way this weekend!!!  (yes I said the ski resort was opening up tomorrow!  First time ever they have had the lifts open in the middle of summer.  They have more snow up there right now, then at the peak of the season this winter.)

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