Thursday, May 5, 2011

A little "extra" Vitamin D

I know it's been awhile.  But we have been or should I say I have been SO BUSY at work lately when I get home all I want to do is crash.  On top of being super busy at work, it seems everyone I mean everyone in our family has been super sick.  First it was Ryder, then Averee, then both my sisters, husband, brother in law, brother, and all 4 of my sister's kids.  Yup I was the only one that did not come down with this nasty nasty stuff!!  Easter was filled with a bunch of sickies but we still have fun.  The kids started to get better, but ended up having to take Averee in for an ear infection (first one of the season!!!) turned out to be a double ear infection, and while we were there she wanted to look at Ry's ears and he had his FIRST ear infection ever!  Got them on meds, and they are doing great.  Justin is still fighting it, but I'm sure it's cause he hasn't slowed down at all to let his body recover. 
Today was the first day I feel like I may be coming down with it.  SO....  I have decided to start the Emergen-C, and all the reading I have been doing I'm loading I mean LOADING up on Vitamin D for 3 days and they say it should kick it with no problem!  Lets hope!!  I can't get as sick as everyone has.

Here's to a few "extra" bottles of liquid Vitamin D!
Let's hope it works!!

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DarkVanilla said...

That is really comical cause we are going through the same thing. My daughter got sick from daycare, some really bad head cold. It was fine at first and it got a lot worse so we took her to the doc. This all started easter weekend too haha she had her first ear infection :( Then meds didnt work so we got her something else. Then it helped her get better now my 2 month old got whatever she has and they put him on something stronger and he is doing way better than she was. Musta hit her hard. Buddy has an ear infection now too :( and their dad cause it from then and his mom and his sister, and last night i finally got it. She has had this cough for abot 2 weeks now. My dad and his gf came over last night and i am sure they will get it too. Its kind of ironic. haha