Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life Lately...

I feel like it's been forever since I've been on here rambling about my no non sense life.  But I guess that's what happens when life gets busy and I leave my computer at home, cause I really don't have the time to chat or write when I'm at work!

Work...  Oh man..  Talk about crazy busy right now.  I'm so SO thankful I'm busy especially in my line of work but oh my goodness I'm feeling like that is all I ever do anymore!  The salon is picking up and summer is coming and that means my busy season is just around the corner!  Wait I'm already there!!! 
I love every minute of it, except when I have to drop off the kids.  :(  This sucks!  I truly don't know how you full time working mommies out there do it!  not only is it breaking my heart when my little Averee is crying at the door cause she doesn't want me to leave BUT I have no time to keep up on all my chores around the house! My laundry is so backed up it's scaring me to actually get started on it so it just keeps getting put off, until the weekend and then my wonderful husband tackles it. hehe  This time of year is my favorite time for planting and getting my outside all ready for flowers and lookin pretty.  and well lets just say that has been put off also so outside is totally not looking pretty right now.  It's sad actually....  But through this all I know I can't complain and I need to just be thrilled that I'm as busy as I am.  AND THANKFUL that my kids get to be home with daddy or get to spend time at their aunts and uncles when I'm at work.  I know, I know we are all so spoiled! But they have been my life savers lately! 

Other then work life is just busy with everyday stuff.  Ryder is all signed up for Kindergarten and Averee for Preschool next year!  Monday we have open house for Ry's new class, and can you believe he only has 3 weeks left of school!  Summer is coming upon us way to fast!  I love my son to death but I have to keep him busy or he will be bouncing off the walls not knowing what to do with himself from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed!! Averee would be thrilled just to play outside all day and wonder around in her own little world being a pretty pretty princess.  All she tells us is "when I grow up, mommy I"m going to be a princess!"  I love her to pieces!!

The Kids:

Ryder: My talkative, outgoing, all smiles, and loving boy.  all he is in to right now is Lego's!  Everything is Lego's!  I think this next year I'm actually going to get him in to a Lego/Mechanics building club cause I really have never seen another 5 year old that can build what he can!  
He seems to finally be growing!  this sounds silly but my little Ry guy is the second littlest in his class and has always been on the lower end for height and weight.  He finally is in a 5T!!  We have been having some issues with his tummy for the last few months.  the poor guy has been having some really bad reactions to sugar.  I know it sounds wonderful to most moms.  Yay no sugar!  but it's hard and we are taking it day by day and have taken him off all refined sugar and slowly cutting out processed foods.  Seems to be working cause we haven't had any problems for a couple weeks now.  Wish us luck, for the whole family is slowly making these changes and lets just say it's a little easier for some then others.  ;)

Averee:  My shy, sweet, caring, sensitive, fashionista!  She is all about shoes and strawberry shortcake!  She still isn't to talkative like her brother, but is slowly figuring out if she wants to be heard or get a word in edge wise she has to be loud.  LOL  you will all of a sudden hear this sweet high pitched voice yelling over her brother "it's my turn to talk!!!"  I can't help but giggle every time this happens, cause Ryder is so me with his loud voice.  Averee is all girl, and all about what she wears and having her hair done daily, having her nails painted, and matching accessories!  Opposite then her mommy, but I love the girly things she brings out in me everyday.  :)  She is still growing like a weed and is only about a quarter inch shorter then her bother.  She also is in a 5T!  I get asked at least once a week if they are twins!!

I wouldn't be able to make it through the last month, month and half without my wonderful husband!  He is picking up all the slack at home and always has a smile on his face when I roll in around 10 o'clock at night from the salon and just want to go straight to bed.  He picked the kids up, feed them dinner, picked up any mess, bathed them, tucked them in to bed and has all my favorite shows recording so I can catch up on them later.  What more could a girl ask for!?

Now that I'm a little more caught up on here hopefully I can keep up on my daily/weekly blogs!

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