Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I will admit....

I am an coffee-aholic!

give me a cup from a good ol fashion coffee maker, or some thing fancy I will drink it.
Lately at work, it seems to be the only thing my diet consists of during the day.  ugh...  I know it's to much, but it's easy and I can drink it while doing a client and it's not awkward sipping a cup of coffee compared to shoving my face with food!
Last week I made some smart ass comment to my husband, "the day I give up coffee will be the day he gives up candy!"  He's a total candy hoarder and has a special shelf in the kitchen the kids don't even know about full of candy!  
Saturday afternoon, as I'm complaining (on are way home with a back seat full of kids screaming and all hyped up from seeing Kung Fu Panda 2) how I could really go for a coffee, Justin looked at me and said "I thought you were giving that up?"  I looked at him like he was smokin something crazy and maybe needed to share? He looked all crazy back at me and said "I haven't had any candy for 3 days now, I thought that was the deal?"  WHAT????!!!!!!  Ok well maybe next time you decide to actually go along with a bet you should tell the other person!  Now I will say a little friendly competition between husband and wife is truly needed every once in a while. ;)  So I have now not had even one coffee for 3 days and will admit (only to you, not him) I feel great!  I actually feel like I have more energy, then when I was drinking it!

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MuseMolly said...

Be strong Jamee!!!