Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Friends

We have learned fast out here there are many MANY dogs in our neighbor hood.
The other night we had 3 dogs running around in our yard,
and then last night while I was at work I got this picture
when Justin got home last night JJ and Lucy had made a new friend.  
And he wouldn't leave.. 
He had no tags just a collar.  Justin let the other two dogs inside and this little guy sat outside the door howling!  He finally stopped, so Justin went out to see if he had finally adventured on home. 

He finally went out and was petting him (cause he is just as much a sucker for dogs as I am!) and realized his number was actually on his collar, so he called and the owner came and picked him up last night.
  He was very excited to go home.  :)

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