Saturday, April 2, 2011

Everyone has a story...

It's Saturday night and I spent it grocery shopping with the fam at walmart.  Now I will admit, you do get to see the "crazies" when you go in after 8, but tonight was a little different.  I'm not one to jump to judgment, or even snub someone cause they look a certain way or maybe they have a few teeth missing?  who knows.  Anyways, while Averee and I are going up and down the isles trying to find what we needed, (Justin and Ry are goofing off with the cart) this little boy looking a little rough around the edges, maybe 9, 10 years old stood next to me with a shopping cart, and grocery list, looking completely lost on what he was looking for, yet totally comfortable that he was doing grocery shopping all alone.  He smiled at us we smiled back and that broke the ice.  He needed help finding stuff on his list, I hear a "mam can you help me find this?" so Averee and I added a few extra isles in to our own shopping so we could help him find what he needed.  I never asked where his parents were or what his story was, but he was such a sweet heart and I have to say even though I walked out of the store a little worried about him, he also made me so thankful for everything I have and my kids have and he brought a smile to my heart.  I hope it's just a matter of his parents are sick and he was just helping out, but what ever his story I just have to say Thank You to him for warming my heart a little tonight.

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