Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Here we are on week 2 at our new house.  Sorry it's been so long for an update, but now that we are Country folk again we have been having some troubles with getting Internet!!  I thought my life was going to end! ;)  hehe   I have to admit it was pretty nice to not have the distraction while I was needing to unpack and settle in.  I can't believe how fast this place has become "home" to us all.  The kids and dogs have been playing outside daily even with our crappy weather we have been having!  

Lets get back to the beginning...

Our plans were to fully move everything Saturday ( a week and half ago ) and as I sat at work the Friday before watching a nasty snow/wind storm flurry outside, panic came over me!  How in the world were we supposed to move in this type of weather!!  We woke up Saturday morning to partly sunny skies and felt so lucky.  Justin and I started getting the trailer loaded only to figure out that one of his friends that helped us move some stuff earlier in the week had dropped the hitch we needed off at the new house!  So we got a hold of my brother who was watching my sisters 3 youngest for the weekend and had her rig, and we got him to come over to help us get the trailer out to the new house.  that is how our move stared..  It actually went really smooth and with in only 2 trips had the house fully moved (it's great not being a pack rat!) and only the garage left.  with hungry kids and men fluttering around the house I stopped on the way back out and grab some stuff to BBQ and we ended our night with good food and surrounded by boxes.  Sunday came to fast and we headed back to the house.  I got a little cleaning done while Justin loaded up the garage.  For some reason our Sunday just got away from us?  We got back and again it was evening, got dinner going and I managed to get half the kitchen and the bathroom unpacked (the necessities, due to me having to be at work by 9 am the next morning)  Usually I would be freaking out about Justin being slow at work, but it was SO SO wonderful having him home for the last couple weeks!  I have been overly busy at work and with moving it just has helped so much.  Anyways....  I worked an almost 12 hour shift on Monday came home to the hubby and kids just goofing around all day, and exploring the new surroundings.  I couldn't be mad at them cause really that is all I wanted to do too!  Finally Tuesday came and I was thinking we would get a little done around the house, BUT....  The dog had to be at the vet by 8 am to get fixed and we thought since we were in town we might as well get the old house clean and done, that way we could turn in the keys and wash our hands of it..  I was so lucky to have a wonderful brother and best friend come help with all the cleaning and although it took all day it felt so good to be done with it!  When we got back to the house Katie helped me unpack the rest of the kitchen and Ryder's room.  All he wanted was his room out of boxes and set up, he was so excited about his room! Wednesday finally came and I got to wake up and breath....  We had no plans and from the moment I woke up I started making our new house our home.  By that night I had the whole house unpacked and decorated!!!  Felt so good.  But I crashed that night and didn't get to fully enjoy it until Thursday, which was my brothers birthday so we had to be in Bend by 10 for breakfast!!  I swear the last week and half is a total blur!  Come Friday I was back to work and worked all weekend.  Monday...  Oh Monday...  I FINALLY got to just wake up and get back in to our "normal" routine!  Felt so good to drop Ry off at school and just come home and sip on my coffee!  And the last few days have just been that.  Relaxing and getting back in to routine.  

We all have fallen in love with our new house.  I thought it would be a little adjusting having a split level house.  Down stairs is 2 bedrooms (the kids), the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.  Upstairs is the master and living room.  Strange set up, but absolutely love it!  My mom came last weekend to see the new place and while the guys were upstairs watching March Madness, my mom and I sat down stairs at the kitchen table and enjoyed our quiet time to just catch up.  The kids have had no problems with their rooms down stairs.  I do have a baby monitor in Averee's room (hiding) just so I can hear them at night if they need us.  :)  But when they play we can't hear them, AND the best part, their toys actually stay in their rooms for the most part!!  not all over the living room!

I think that is really all I have to report for now.
I don't really have to many pictures of the house right now, but this weekend I will try and post some of the house all decorated.  :)

 Averee and I were sitting at the kitchen table when we looked out our window and saw a total of 14 deer just walkin through our yard. She was in awww!

This was moving day. 

The puppies, kids, cat, and myself love looking out our big windows!  They look out to all the mountains on a clear day.  So pretty!  Oh ya did I mention it's snowed just about everyday since we moved?  Ugh...

I'll post more soon!

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