Thursday, February 10, 2011

When life gives you lemons.....

They say....  make lemonade!  Really....  

I guess this is after you cry, stress, freak out, and all of the above!  haha.

Monday afternoon I went to check the mail, and while flipping through to see if there was anything good, I came across a letter from our property management so I opened it, thinking it was probably just a little winter newsletter?  to my shock it was a letter stating our house was up for sale and has already been listed!  Now in the letter it stated the real estate agent would like to have us contact her so she could come in take pictures and put a lock box on the door. 
 I know this is something that they have to do to do, to show the house.  But this is not sitting well with me to have strangers come in to look at the house with all my stuff in it, and all of you mommies out there know what a pain in the ass it would be to always have my house spotless and then trying to go entertain the kids and dogs while they are here.  This just isn't going to work for me. 
So after Justin got home that night we sat down and decided we would try to move asap.  I started the search for a house on Tuesday.  I have found a few but a lot of the houses out there have tiny or no yards or the house is WAY smaller then the one we are in for the same price!  So discouraging!

On to the next part of the story.
Ok so Tuesday afternoon I got a knock at the door it's the owner of the Property Management and she was here randomly cause they had to come in and put up a carbon monoxide detector..  anyways,  We got to talking about the letter and what our next step is going to be.  She was sweet enough to say she wants to just move us to another house.  That is great but we are thinking we would like to head more out of town with a little property if possible, so we would just have to see what comes up.  Then when I told her we didn't want to deal with the real estate agent coming in and out she said "well let me call your owner and talk to him, cause if he knows your going to move out he may decide to put his other house up for sale instead of this one, since you guys have been such great renters" 
Did they really just expect us to stay here until the house sold?!!!!

I appreciate the gesture but I think we will still be looking for a new home!  If he has decided to put it up once it's just a matter of time before it goes up again! 
I have no hard feelings, I don't know why he has to put them up for sale or if he just wants to get out of it?  It goes with renting.  But it has sent panic through out my house this week!   LOL What ever happens is whats meant to be.  We will look at every option and do what's best for our little family.  :)

With that said, this brings me to the next part.
On Tuesday I had posted an add on Craigslist, stating what kind of house we were looking for, and what has happened.  Well I got an email from a lady that night about a house they haven't even put on the market yet and she stated she came across my add and thought she would send the info my way.  We exchanged a few emails that night I got the address and decided I would drive by it the next morning to see if it's something we would like to make an appointment to look at the inside this weekend when they were there.  Here was the catch to this house.  It's in Crooked River Ranch.  Now depending on where in CRR it sits it could be just an extra 10 min drive or an extra 40 minutes.  Justin does a lot of work out there and knew approximately where it was at and thought it wasn't to far in to CRR.  Wednesday morning Averee and I dropped Ryder off at school, stopped at Dutch Bros and headed out to find this house.  I took us 12 mins to get there!  Not bad at all!!!  I fell in love with the character of  this house.  It sits on 5 acres, it's a 3 bed 2 bath, split level house.  has a garage and storage shed, and the views are AMAZING!!!  Best part about it...  It's cheaper a month then what we pay, and could be some thing we could turn in to a rent to own if we wanted to down the road!  Saturday we go look at the inside of the house and check it all out.  Hopefully this falls in to the "meant to be" category and we have a new place to move to!

I'll keep everyone posted on what happens.   This week has flown by and now I start my week at work today.  Where does the time go?  haha

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