Monday, February 28, 2011

exactly what I needed!

 My day started by making my list of things to do that is seriously a mile long!  Between moving, a HUGE deal I'm running for work, my birthday, Averee's birthday, and all the other stuff that is going on right now I was feeling way over whelmed this morning and wishing the month of March would already be over with, when it hasn't even started yet...

Then I went and checked my mail
and found this

My wonderful beautiful friend in Colorado sent me a little birthday goodness!

 I love you so much Molly, and wish we were closer to celebrate together!
Miss you SO SO MUCH!

Thanks for the smile it brought to my face, you don't know how much I truly needed it.

(sadly the horrible friend I am I have a whole pile of stuff sitting here to send to you!  Seriously I'm such a bad friend..  I'm not taking it with me to the new house so you will get it with in the next 2 weeks!!  LOL)

1 comment:

MuseMolly said...

I love you dear Jamee. Hope this kicks off your birthday month, the right way ;)

You're the best!!