Wednesday, January 12, 2011

another year older!

Yup that's right..  My sweet little Ry guy turned 5 this past Monday!  It's still crazy and I really don't know how this happened?  I mean really.. wasn't he just 2? I remember the hospital trip and the crazy snowy mountain that my sister drove over just to "try" and be there in time to meet her new little nephew (and she did make it by about 15 minutes!) haha.  Then he turned one, that year was a big year for us moving over the mountain and all, and 2 just snuck right up on us, with a baby sister that came to rock our world that year!  Then we hit 3, he started preschool and became our "big" boy.. 4 came and went so fast I'm scrabbling to remember what all has gone on this past year with him, lets see...  He started playing sports, video games,got his first BB gun, and Kung Fu!  wow talk about him getting older..  Now he is 5!!  I'm super excited about it, but super sad. What will this year hold for us?  He gets to start T-Ball this year and he can't wait! and we are going to see how he takes to wrestling, again this is some thing he is so excited about, and he wants to learn how to snow board.  Next year he goes in to "real" school!  What? Seriously!  Oh the joys of watching our kids grow up each and every day..  I truly love it...

Monday he got to bring cupcakes in to his class for everyone and handed out his "How To Train Your Dragon" invites for his big friend birthday party this Saturday.  That night we headed out to the one place he really wanted to go to dinner (for the soul reason they would sing Happy Birthday to him) at Red Robin.  My sister and her kids meet us there and we had a great dinner and the boys watched the game.  Tomorrow marks the first day of preparing for the big party on Saturday!  It's cleaning and baking day!  Oh joy..  lol  I'm excited about the baking but could do with out the cleaning. I'm making a homemade cake with homemade frosting and fondant.  I usually buy fondant, but I'm really not a fan of the taste so I decided to get a little crazy and make my own this time around!  I'm way excited about his cake and hoping it turns out cool!  Should be pretty easy?  Just a flat cake that will be made out to look like a rocky beachy area, then a big mountain on top of the cake (this is where the dragons live) and we will have dragons on the mountain and the vikings shooting them down on the other side with their sling shot thingy.  Wish me luck!!  

I'll keep a daily blog for the next few days!  I'm going to need to see progress I think cause I'm going to be exhausted come Monday!  Did I mention that on top of the party I'm working all weekend!

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