Friday, November 5, 2010

The kiddos....

We have been having lots going on around here! It's all been about the kiddos, but we have got lots of answers in the last couple weeks. :)

Averee:  So last week we got a call the day before she went in for her hearing test and they had a cancellation at Early Intervention and could get her in last wed for her evaluation instead of waiting until December!  So I made a couple calls and luckily got her in for her hearing test that day (Tuesday) they had to have it done before heading in to the evaluation.  The hearing test was interesting.  She did a bunch of beeping in her ear and then we heading in to a sound proof room and she had to listen to the head phones and she had to point to things in the room when the lady told her what to point at.  She did great!  and her hearing came out wonderful!  No damage from last years messy ear infections!  The next day we dropped Ryder off at school and headed to Early Intervention.  My shy little daughter made right up to one of the ladies, they went and sat at a little table and started right in to the tests.  They did anything from stacking, showing her pictures and her saying what they were, drawing (who knew my 2 year old daughter can draw a whole stick person and put hair on it!!) counting money and just on and on with the testing...  It was really cool to see how much she really knew.  They were blown away at the smarts my little non talker has in that head of hers!  She got up to a 5 year old level with all the tests but speaking.  The teacher said she really did feel like she could have even kept going, but a 5 year old level was plenty high enough considering she's 2!  haha   I was one proud mama!!!  :)  Her speaking was not as great, BUT they grade them on a 1-30 ranking, they offer help to kids that fall in between a 3-9 level, she was a 16.  So not low enough she needs the extra help, but not necessarily on the high end.  SO the ending result is she is doing great with EVERYTHING but her speaking but she is still learning with that.  They said what we were actually thinking.  She was so cloudy and clogged from always having ear infections last year that when she was supposed to be learning how to put sentences together she just could quite pick up on it all.  I feel so bad for her, for missing all that...  But we are doing what we can at home and I have started "home schooling" her to help get her fully prepared for school next year!  She is going to be so ready and is starting to come out of her shell a little.  ;)  We have started going to the library every week for story time to help with that socialization, she loves it!  OK I think that gets you up to date with little A!

Ryder:  Where to begin with him...  We have been struggling with what we are going to do with him! lol  Not really..  :)  He is doing great in school!  His last report card was outstanding!  He does need to learn how to take it down a notch, the boy can't sit still if his life depended on it!  He has no patience when it comes to "concentrating" hmmmm  who does that sound like!?  He is way to much like his mama!!  Unfortunately we have been throwing around the idea of pulling him from school, cause it's just getting a little spendy.  I have gone back to work but until I build my clientele it's not like I have a set income monthly we can rely on, and going in to winter you never know what Justin's work is going to look like from day to day.  So we sat down and were trying to figure out what we could down size on, and sadly it was only a couple things and it included Ryder's school..  :(  This broke my heart, but I came to terms with it and was ok with the outcome.  I made out a game plan for schooling him at home and it was looking like everything would work out in the long run.  I called his school administrator on Monday to tell them we were going to pull him from school, and she offered to cut his tuition in half!  This through my whole plan off!!  haha I said I would talk to my husband about it and get back to her.  They really are so nice and I love his school!!  I was talking to my mom (like I do just about everyday :)) and his LOVING grandma, said "he's loves school and he needs to stay in school" so grandma is taking care of his tuition for the next few months.  LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!  Ryder was so excited to head back to school today!  Guess everything works out the way it's suppose too.  :)

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