Tuesday, November 9, 2010

and it begins....

And so we start the count down to the most anticipated day of the year!  It started for me with a walk down the refrigerator isle and seeing those yummy yummy holiday creamers!  I stock up this time of year and sip on my coffee ALL day long.  Yum....  I'm love this time of year.

Next comes Thanksgiving.  My personal favorite holiday of the year.  Baking, baking, and more baking!  Then we get to eat it!  Family, friends, and food..  What more could any person ask for?  This year we have some friends and extra family coming for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more thrilled!  I love sharing the holidays...  We are very lucky to have family over here with us and we take advantage of that every year.  The food is great, conversation is better and the laughs are priceless...  Then we prepare for Friday!  this year we have a little extra going on besides shopping on this special day.  My twin nephews will be turning 9!  I feel like they are pretty lucky having a birthday on black Friday! haha     I can't wait to shop for them and everyone!  Yup that's right, I'm the crazy person that gets up at 4 and heads out to hit up all the great prices!  I have to admit I think I go just to see all the "massive" crazies out there.  hehe...  Well non the less that starts off the Christmas season and every day from there just seems to get busier and busier!
The weekend after Thanksgiving will be when we go on the great Christmas tree hunt.  This is a little early for us this year but Justin will most likely be gone for most of December selling Christmas trees in California?  This is still up in the air but hopefully we will know a for sure answer in the next couple weeks.  So if he leaves, then that means lights, decorations, and tree all in the weekend after Thanksgiving!  The kids are already going crazy for Christmas.  This morning I was looking at different sites and starting my list for the kids and Ryder came over and now his list is a mile long!  Lucky for him he has a birthday just 2 weeks after Christmas so I need the extra long list!

Well here's to a new Holiday Season!!  Hope everyone enjoys every minute of it!
I know I will!

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