Tuesday, October 26, 2010

update... (I have fallin behind)

I am so far behind when it has come to blogging!  So I'm just going to give a quick rundown on whats been going on.

A couple weeks ago Averee had to go in to the doctor and ended up having her first bladder infection, due to how much bacteria was found they have been scared it has moved to her kidneys.  They put her on a high dose of medicine ( a 10 day dose, instead of what they usually give a grown women which is 3-5 days of the same medicine!) The following weekend we had to head to Corvallis for work and the kids stayed with my mom while my sister and I headed out to shoot a wedding.  It was a short trip to Corn Vally but it was fun.  A beautiful wedding!!  Anyways when I got home my mom had become concerned cause Averee had been complaining of her back all day.  For a 2 year old it's not really a place they complain about.  One thing came  to my mind...  Kidney infection.  Sunday she woke up feeling good and didn't complain about it again until a whole week later!  By this time she was on her last day of meds and we had to go back in for a pee test again anyway so I waited the extra day and then we went in.  She passed with all bacteria gone, but they are still concerned about her kidneys so we were giving it one more week and I take her back in today for yet another pee test.  Let me tell you it's tough getting a 2 year old to pee in a cup!!  The last two days she has been having accidents again, so I'm thinking now that she has been off her meds for over a week her infection is coming back.  Ugh...  She is a child that never has accidents and that was how we figured out she had a bladder infection the first time.  The fact that we have gone for a whole week with no accidents and then boom the last two days  and there back!  So I will keep you posted on what happens today.  They said if she still have bacteria or signs of a kidney infection we head to the hospital for further tests.

So this isn't the only thing that has been going on with our little Averee.  If anyone has been around her you have probably figured out she can't speak well at all.  She can say individual words but putting any kind of sentences together it all turns in to jibber jabber.  As my sister says, it's like she talks with out moving her tong.  It's strange cause she can say all the syllables that are hard and the ones that most kids don't catch on too.  And then you try and get her to say her L's or T's and nothin.  We talked to her doctor and she was concerned after sitting with us for a while and listening to her (really I think a one year talks better then she does!) She did a hearing test on her, because of her past chronic ear infections, the poor girl fell short a little in the hearing department.  So tomorrow I take her in to an Audiologist and she gets a full hearing test done and then she was referred out to an organization called Early Intervention and she will start speech classes in December.  I'm so happy she is getting the help she needs!  It may be that she was so cloudy last year during that key time in learning how to put all the sentences and words together, that we are just going to have to reteach all that?  Who knows?  We will know more about her hearing tomorrow and then her first evaluation is in December so we won't know anything until then for her actual speech.  It's a long wait but I feel it's worth it!  I want  her going in to school next year at the level she needs to be at or even above!  

So as you can see we have had a lot on our plate trying to deal with everything and making appointments.  Its a little crazy on this side of the mountain sometimes!

We got our first snow fall yesterday!  Yay! I'm so excited for snow this year!  It's taken me 5 years but this year I'm ready for it.  ;)

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