Friday, July 30, 2010

five friday favs...

1) Averee and Hailey were actually getting along!! This was a huge moment and thank goodness Austin caught with the camera! lol They aren't the best of friends usually...

2) Making a big decision... It took a lot of thinking but I do believe I'm ready to head back in to the salon on a very part time level!

3) A good few days of awesome summer storms! Lightening, thunder, and rain mixed with the smell of the juniper... awww delightful!

4) Getting my runs in everyday... I know this shouldn't probably be one of my tops favs, BUT I go at night after dinner and come home to kids in bed. So I get to go and turn my music up and not have to think about anything else and just breath.... come home and relax.... to me that's a nice way to end the day. :)

5) a good trip to the most amazing candy store!!

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