Friday, June 18, 2010

five friday favs...

1. My family has taken a liking to hiking. We live in this wonderful area to take full advantage of it! The kids love the fresh air, and it's a great place for Justin and I to just breath and not have to think about anything in the world, but enjoying each other and the kiddos. Last weekend was a trip to Mullikan Trail Head

2. With this nice weather we have been having we lit up the fire pit! We ended a couple nights now with smores! The kids love the marshmallows, or should I say they love all three ingredients but all separate. :)
they had marshmallow ears.
(so talented) lol

3. This week kicked off my BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE! I decided to put this together to help myself and other girls around me. I have had 12 girls sign up and we all put in $20 bucks and at the end (Aug 31) who ever has the highest percentage lost wins all the money!

4. Summer dresses... What would I do with out them, I love them by them selves or with a pair of jeans.

5. Craigslist! I have sold a ton of stuff this week on it! It's really a hit or miss thing, but I guess this week was my week to make a little moola!

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