Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter (well half of Easter)

I've been waiting for my sister to send me the rest of the Easter pictures but I'm tired of waiting so I will write and post what I have. Saturday Ryder had his first Soccer game, went pretty good but was super cold! My mom, brother, and niece were supposed to come over for Easter but due to the lovely on and off again crazy weather we have been having in Central Oregon the pass was to much of a mess for them to make it. This left my family and my sisters. :) My son couldn't go to sleep if his life depended on it Saturday night, so the Easter bunny had to stay up a little later then she wanted and was not happy about this. Finally he was off to dreamy land and I got the "baskets" (not really baskets this year, painted each one of them a box/tube thing for their rooms) all put together. Growing up we always had wonderful Easter baskets, stockings, Valentines, it was always the little gifts that my mom went all out for, that has carried on to my kiddos. I love these holidays! I tried to skimp on the candy this year, my kids, and well my family are really trying to cut out all the junk food. My daughter will only eat that if she knows it's anywhere in the house! They got spoiled! I will admit and to see them in the morning when they woke up I would do it all over again!! Averee got a new Cabbage Patch doll (I forgot how yummy they smell, in the store my sister and I kept sniffing the poor baby, haha) and Ryder got Toy Story 1 & 2. They loved every part of their baskets! After they ripped through their baskets it was off to find the eggs the Easter bunny hid. Another high light of Ryder's morning.Averee sportin her new shades and her new baby

On to the rest of the day.
Early afternoon my sister and her family came over for dinner. So good, I had a ham in the oven with home made potato salad, deviled eggs, strawberry cucumber salad, with veggies and rolls. SO GOOD!!! We did another big egg hunt with all the kids, and the afternoon turned in to a Wii competition and it seemed to end the day perfectly.
Hope you all had a wonderful EASTER!