Thursday, March 18, 2010

shoot for the stars? Maybe..

Let me just start this story off first by setting it up a little. We live about 2 mins from the Super Walmart here in Redmond and it's where we shop and go for just about everything. It's close and convenient and it's bran new so it's actually really nice and open 24 hours. Ryder LOVES Walmart. We crap up cause it's seriously the only place he ever wants to go, well other then the dollar store. (wow I'm sounding really high class right now, lol) Any ways we were all sitting at the dinner table last night and out of the clear blue Ryder told us yesterday at school he told Mrs. Donna that when he grows up he wants to work at Walmart!! Justin and I looked at each other and died cracking up.. I said well maybe you can shop there and be like a firefighter or police man then you can get all the bad guys. No mom he says, I want to work at Walmart...

What have I done to my child!!! lol.
I don't have anything against the people that work there but you kinda want to hear your kids shoot for the stars, not want to work at Walmart.

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