Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One or the other, never both...

I'm training for my first Half-Marathon, and I have been trying to drop the pounds to try and help me along.. This is a battle I have been dealing with daily for years now! I will say I'm super happy with my body and have a hubby that loves me no matter how big I am (even when I was over 200, YES at one time about 6 years ago I weighted in at 203lbs) then due to my PCOS for me to have kiddos running around I HAD to drop some of the pounds. I dropped I think around 20 then when I got pregnant I dropped 17 with Ryder, then it was the same with my Averee. Now 2 years after I'm DONE having kids I'm back on this roller coaster ride of trying to drop the pounds. My problem... I can never master both at the same time! Eating well and working out just never seem to cross the same path and stay together. Can someone please explain this to me! About a month ago I did so good eating then the last couple weeks it's been working out, BUT NEVER AT THE SAME TIME! What the heck!!!

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