Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Averee's 2nd Birthday!

This last weekend we had a weekend full of birthdays! Saturday we celebrated my niece Hailey's and then Sunday we had Averee's. It was a very fun filled weekend will lots of family and a house full of guests. Averee woke up Sunday to the house decorated for her party and walked out just in Awww. She loved every inch of it! The party started early so we did lunch and then painted our flower pots. Very easy simple party but so much fun. She cracked us up, she really caught on this year that it was "her" party. When we said it was time to open presents she actually screamed. lol.... Here are a few of the pictures.
I made her a purse cake, cause she is OBSESSED with purses and shoes. :) (after talking at her party we should have done a Dutch Bros party for her that is another obsession of hers, she even has daddy stopping for "cocos" now!)

She got her own gardening kit and it was filled with Sesame Street seeds. She loves her Sesame Street!!

lip gloss!!! Need I say more.

Ryder really got in to the painting

and he loved it

Averee wanted to eat it

my hand made decorations! It was such a cheap party, everything was hand made and from the dollar store!

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl around! So happy you are part of our family, love you to pieces Miss Averee.

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