Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Will it ever end?

Well here goes yet another week of more sickness in our house. I guess we just have a BIG'OL red X outside our house that says "please oh please germs come in and get us all sick with as much as you can at one time".. Last week started our getting over the lingering cough that has stayed with us after this last cold/flu session, Wednesday we had a pretty good day went out and about got the pictures done of the kids, played at Papa's Pizza, came home still doin good. Thursday comes along and all day still doin good, AND THEN... we went to bed and around 1 Averee woke up hurling all over her bed! This in turn made my stomach start turning so I threw up (I used to have a stomach for all this, I don't know what happened) she proceeded to throw up on and off for the next 4 hours, finally went to sleep and woke up like nothing even went on the night before, and had a wonderful Friday catching up on sleep and playing with her brother. Now back to Thursday night, I woke up between Averee's throw up incidents, and did make it to the toilet to find myself hurling like the clip from Exorcist.... The difference between A and I? I was sick all the next day! If I even moved I threw up. It was horrible. How do you take care of two young kids while you feel so horrible!? My poor little Ry guy ended up showing me just how big he really is. He did such a good job on getting food for him and his sister and my sweet sweet little man would come rub my back while I was head deep in the toilet bowl. Come Friday night when Justin got home I was feeling a little better, ate some crackers and headed off to bed around 7. The next day we all woke up feeling wonderful. I even went out and had dinner with my sis while the kids stayed home with daddy. Love me some girl time. Shopping and yummy food! This all leads us up to yesterday. Averee woke up on Sunday with a little little cold nothing big. That is mild compared to what we have been having so I can deal with that, right? Monday I put her down for her nap and she slept for almost 4 hours. I was thrilled thinking she is just going to sleep this cold away and hopefully with in a couple days it will be gone. SHE WOKE UP WITH GREEN GOOP GUSHING FROM HER EYE! Yay.... She had pink eye..... At this point I'm on the phone with my mom not knowing if I should cry or just laugh? I honestly don't know what in the world is going on in my house! Usually we are a fairly healthy house. Other then Averee and her colds. But they tell me that's normal for baby number 2, they actually showed me stats that siblings number two averages, yes averages being sick once a month for the first 2-3 years of life, BUT on the up side they tell me she will be the healthy one once she gets in school? OK back to my story cause joy to the world it's not over yet. I called the Dr. and got her an appointment for last night. So about a half hour before we are about to leave Ryder is standing in the middle of the living room and throws up everywhere! WOW.... Now I am crying... I just can't win right now. I don't know what else to give them or to do for everyone in our house to get healthy? I'm just at a loss.. I took Averee to the Dr, while Justin stayed home with Ry, we got to the doctor and she looked in her mouth and told me she wanted to test for strep. Really? One more freakin thing???? Thankfully it came back negative! We got our prescription and were outta there. Stopped to get it filled and headed home. Averee was out the minute she layed her head down on her pillow, and Ryder was still throwing up. Around 10 he seemed to stop and fell asleep and woke up back to his cheerful wonderful self. Averee also woke up doing much better with no goop and just a few crusties. So now I say this again! Please Please let us rest and get back to 100 % before the next evil sickness hits!! Or at least let us get better and stay healthy for next week. We have family coming for Thanksgiving!!

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