Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We had an amazing Halloween weekend. It started on Friday with my family from the Valley coming over. That night we had pizza and pumpkin carving party. This year we had some really great pumpkins come out of it all, along with pumpkin guts all over my dinning room!! This was a late night but we all headed to bed to prepare for the busy day on Saturday. Got up and got a little bit of a late start.... Garrett spent the night and we had to get a Tinkerbell, Bumblebee, and butterfly all ready for the Big day of Trick or Treating! Haily actually did wonderful and let me braid her hair and put some "pretty" makeup on her for her costume. This is shocking only cause she usually doesn't let anyone touch her hair! She looked so pretty!! Bumblebee was pretty easy to get ready and same with our little butterfly. We totally lucked out with the weather it was gorgeous out! In the 60's with sunny skies. After we all got ready here it was time to head over to Karri's to get the rest of the kids ready. We had a football player, roller derby girl, and YES he lives on! Micheal Jackson! So we got there and the "dads" figured out the Beaver game was actually on at like 1 but wasn't on TV until 3. Big drama!! They ended up staying and trying to figure out what they were going to do about all this. And we headed on in to town to start our Trick or Treating in Old Mill. The kids did awesome! Averee caught on quite fast and figured out she really likes the idea of just holding out her bucket and people put candy in it! haha... It was beautiful down there, they had a horse carriage ride and a big reptile exhibit for the kids. Ryder was in heaven he got to hold huge lizards, turtles and pet a huge snake, you can see the snake wrapped around my niece in the pictures below! After that we headed back to my house for naps and a yummy dinner I had cooking in the crock pot all day. By the time we got here both Justin and Craig were a little tipsy and they proceeded to go out and have a race.... It was Austin, Tyler, Craig, Derek, and Justin. This did not end that well. My lovely husband should not try and race when he has been drinking! He totally tripped over his own feet and slid down the road! It was the high light of the day. lol.. Could not stop laughing / talking about it all night! Poor guy guess it just shows he's getting older. haha After dinner we headed out around our neighbor hood. Karri and Derek got a little crazy with the stroller and people kept passing by asking who was having more fun the kids or adults. Gotta love my fam! After being out for about an hour Averee was done and ready for bed. I took her back to the house and Ryder decided he was also done so they stayed home with daddy and Uncle Craig and we headed back out with the older kids. By the time I got back Averee was asleep and Justin had got rid of most of all the kids candy! I'm totally not complaining I didn't want it in my house anyway. He dumped it in the bowl and handed it back out to the trick or treaters. haha It was another late night but so fun. There is nothing like having all the kids in the family get together and spend such a fun holiday together!

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